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home_img_1Sandy’s Garden Center is one the largest nursery and garden centers on Long Island. We are located in Farmingville, NY. Sandy’s offers a wide variety of native annuals, tropicals, perennials, trees and shrubs. Our professional staff can help design and even pot up your containers while you wait. We also carry a large selection of vegetables and herb plants.

discountstar2At Sandy’s Garden Center we are proud to offer only the finest quality flowers, shrubs and trees, and other home and garden products. We are committed to continuing the tradition of old-fashioned friendly customer service.
Come in and work with any member of Sandy’s friendly staff for a pleasant and unique shopping experience. Here you will find that your business is truly appreciated. Sandy’s offers you what is most often lost in the world of big box retailers we now live in.

We carry lawn, tree and shrub care products, also organic fertilizers, sprays, garden and fairy garden decor. We are grower and owner operated….so we can pass the savings on to our customers. Wholesale available to landscapers on proof of resale certificate.

                                                       Open Daily 9am – 6pm 


What Is an Annual?

The term annual is applied to garden flowers that complete their life cycle in the span of one growing season. This means they come up in the spring, grow, flower, set seed and then die after the frosts in the fall.

There are many plants used as annuals in northern climates that are in fact perennial if planted far enough south where they do not experience the damaging effects of frost. These are termed tender perennials used as annuals. These include such plants as geranium, impatiens, vinca, coleus, and lantana. If one wants to save these plants from year to year, they would need to be dug up, potted and brought indoors or cuttings taken from the plants, rooted, and the resulting plants overwintered indoors.

There are a number of annuals that may act like perennials because of the large amount of seed they drop in the fall. This seed remains viable over the winter and new plants emerge in and around the area where the annual was planted the previous season. Plants like cleome, snapdragon, amaranth, cosmos, and petunia are examples.



What is a Perennial?

In the simplest terms, a perennial is a plant that lives for at least 3 or more years. We usually use this term to describe herbaceous perennials when talking about gardens. Trees and shrubs last for many years too of course, but these are woody plants. The life span of a perennial varies quite a bit, depending on climate, soil conditions, insects or diseases and the particular plant in question.